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DiSAC develops and maintains qualification standards to ensure that South African Mediators and Arbitrators are properly trained, assessed and qualified.

In order to qualify as a mediator or arbitrator you have to:

1) Undergo training. The training should have certain minimum content, and be presented by people recognized as trainers in the field

2) Be assessed as being competent by someone qualified to do this, and

3) Meet certain qualifying requirements, such as not having been convicted of  a crime involving dishonesty. [Age or specific tertiary qualifications are not normally required, though in the absence of the latter you may be required to undergo additional training.]

The Standards and minimum requirements are set out below.

The DiSAC Qualification Standards

Training Courses

Standards for Training Courses

DiSAC has adopted the following standards:

  • Standard for General Commercial Mediator Training

Details of Accredited Training Courses can be found here.

Trainers & Assessors

Standards for Trainers & Assessors

DiSAC has adopted the following standards:

  • Standard for Mediator Trainers
  • Standard for Mediator Assessors

Mediators & Arbitrators

Qualification Standards for Mediators & Arbitrators

DiSAC has adopted the following qualification standards:

  • Qualification Standard for General Commercial Mediators