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A number of mediation and arbitration Service Providers and Training Courses are accredited with DiSAC.

Accredited Service Providers [ASP’s]

ASP’s play an important role in DiSAC’s regulatory framework:

  • Applicant mediators and arbitrators must apply for affiliation to an ASP’s, who will assess whether or not they meet the DiSAC qualification standards.
  • ASP’s provide the day to day practice supervision of mediators and arbitrators, and must address any complaints regarding the conduct of mediators and arbitrators.

The following organisations are DiSAC Accredited Service Providers:

Accredited Training Courses

DiSAC has given provisional accreditation* to a number of Training Courses. These courses meet DiSAC’s minimum standard for training.

[Please note that not all training presented by the entities below are accredited – Accreditation only applies to the indicated courses]

CATEGORY: General Commercial Mediator Training

* DiSAC currently only offers provisional accreditation to training courses.