Becoming a DiSAC Accredited Service Provider [ASP]

Who may apply to become an ASP?

  • Registration as an Accredited Service Provider (‘ASP’) will be open to any organisation whose principal purpose or objective is the provision of dispute resolution services (mediation, arbitration, conciliation, facilitation) and which meets the requirements of the Council.
  • ASPs will have the ability to accredit mediators in accordance with the mediation accreditation standards set by the Council. To qualify for accreditation as a service provider an organisation must therefore be able to demonstrate its ability to properly fulfil this function.
  • Organisations providing only training or ancillary services will not be able to accredit as service providers. They will however be able to obtain accreditation for their training programmes, trainers and assessors.

Accreditation requirements

The accreditation requirements may be downloaded here.

Format for applications

Applicants need to provide a detailed written application that indicates how they meet and comply with the accreditation requirements. There is no standard application form to complete.

The application is subject to the prescribed fee [currently R2500 plus VAT].

Applications must be submitted to the DiSAC Administrator, who will invoice for the application. Upon payment of the invoice the application will be considered.

All applications will be independently assessed, and DiSAC may request additional information.